Tile Roof

Often known as Spanish tile, having a tile roof installed on your home is a decision you will not regret. Although they have been around for centuries, the reason why they are still being sought after is because of their many benefits. Detailed below, four main advantages for a tile roof are listed. After reading through them, you will be able to see why so many people are true believers in tile roofing.

Tile roofs are known historically

Have you ever seen remains from Mediterranean archaeological digs? Usually, there are a large amount of roofing tiles that peek through the dirt. Obviously, even as garbage, roof tiles have a durability that will not give up easily. In addition to being found in Europe and the Middle East, Asia has been using tile roofing for centuries. For these reasons, it is likely that there will always be a place for them in modern architecture because they are easily adaptable to most climates.

Tile roofs are known for disaster durability

Does the area you live in have storms, wildfires, hail, blizzards, tornadoes or earthquakes? Easily handling these situations, a roof made from tile provides several layers of protection against these disasters. For example, it will not catch fire and is not easily moved by high winds. Due to its bulk, it can get pounded by hailstorms and still not have a scratch. Also, due to its interlocking features, seismic activity does not usually cause roof tiles to dislodge. All around, it is noted by insurance companies as being one of the best roofs you could have.

Environmentally friendly roofing tile

Unlike traditional roofing shingles, a tile roof is made from baked earth. Just like bricks, roofing tiles are an environmentally friendly material that is usually produced locally. Other advantages include the fact that roof tiles can be removed from a home and recycled into other products. Finally, a roof made from tiles is a great insulator of the heat in the wintertime and this saves money on utilities. The thick tiles also absorb a lot of outside heat in the summer that keeps the inside of the home cool.

Instant tile roof curb appeal

When you see a home with tile on the roof, it has a dramatic visual impact. In this dodgy economy, selling your home is a lot easier when you have a tile roof that makes your house stand out. If your home has had trouble with curb appeal, a tile roof could be the right solution that lasts a lifetime.