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Tile Roof in Los Angeles, the Perfect Detail to Increase your Home’s Market Value


Tile Roof in Los Angeles, CA

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Tile roofs have been used around the world for thousands of years. You can see them in Roman, Greek and in many other ruins built by different civilizations at different times. Palaces and important buildings in every civilization in mankind’s history were roofed with tiles. What better reference do you need than thousands of years under the sun and rain without any leaks? They are not only durable but beautiful and will give your home elegance and style.
The tiles are made out of clay or concrete, they come in many shapes and colors so there is a wide variety for you to choose from. Due to their beauty, durability and the need for expert installation, a tile roof may be more expensive than other types of roofing material. Even with this in mind, it is well worthwhile to install in your home. Tile roofing materials have excellent insulation properties, especially during the winter keeping your heating bill in check.
A tile roof will also raise the value of your home, being that it is more expensive and stands out from the rest; an appraiser will surely add plenty of dollars to your home’s market value. This is also an advantage when you want to sell your house, buyers will take notice of it and probably make a better offer than they would for your neighbor’s house. Houses with tile roofs stand out from the rest because they keep their colour and texture longer than other materials giving your house a “new look” years after they have been installed.
Concrete tiles are a bit cheaper and more resistant to damage than clay tiles, but from below, they both look the same. Another advantage you must take into account besides beauty, durability and lowering your services bills both during the summer and in winter is that a tile roof will not fly away in the wind. Tiles are heavy and it would take a tornado to move them from where they are installed. There you have it, elegance, durability, added value to your home, what more can you ask for?


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